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is to humbly serve and inspire everyone we touch, through sincere caring, dedication to quality, and a strong code of ethics.

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Iris Gillon (IGMC), former concert pianist, earned a master's degree in music at the Julliard School of Music, also helps couples to find the best Musicians for their Wedding Reception.

Iris Gillon, IGMC - The Best Wedding Planner in NYC Helps Brides to find the perfect location in New York City, Please Visit Iris Gillon / IGMC Official Website to see more the 200 Unique Wedding Locations in New York.

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In the last few years alone Iris has single handedly booked over ten million dollars of catering and over five million dollars of music performances. She has presided over hundreds of thousands of dollars of flowers, lighting and theme designs and she has supervised photography, filming, production of events and products, websites, book covers and more.

The BEST Wedding planner in NYC & NJ

Iris Gillon IGMC

Iris Gillon is currently the most sought after event planner, event designer and music producer in New York City. (As seen on Donald Trump’s Apprentice on November 11th, 2004 on NBC TV) Iris Gillon is The Wedding Planner for the famous Designer Loft, the premiere exclusive high fashion center for the most exquisite International Wedding and Evening Gown Designers from all over the world.


Iris Wedding Planner at David & Heidi’s Wedding August 15, 2004

Iris Gillon is an authority in music production, music and computers, orchestral music in films, live music both at events and on stage, and especially in any form of live music in combination with the newest technology – as exhibited in a full page article in the 1989 Funk and Wagnals Science Yearbook Encyclopedia. She appears together in this 4 page story with Stevie Wonder, Robert Moog and The Juilliard School of Music. 


Iris is a musician trained at The Juilliard School of Music. Having spent her childhood as a concert pianist and classical composer of symphonic works and movie soundtracks, Iris evolved into an event producer when her concert production started to include the performances of her 150 piece symphony orchestra that she created and conducted called The New York Film Orchestra. Iris is also a professional recording engineer and has a recording studio in her home.

Published Composer


Iris is a published composer of numerous symphonies and movie soundtracks and holds a Masters Degree from The Juilliard School of Music for Piano Performance and Music Composition. Iris lives in a small town in Northern New Jersey and commutes to New York City with her large 100lb lap dog Theodore.


Published Author

She is also the author of “HOW TO SELECT THE MUSIC FOR YOUR WEDDING” (A comedy of parables about the wedding music industry and couples in love exploring their options…) and “THE LOVE ENCYCLPEDIA” (A compilation of 500 stories of real live couples, how they met and fell in love) to be released January 26th, 2008. (Couples are still offering their stories and pictures if you are interested, make sure you mention it to her.) Iris is also the author of “THE JEWEL BOX” a spiritual fairy tale for children inspiring them to make a miracle out of their lives with the power of their minds and imagination.

Iris Gillon is the author of “DIARY OF A WEDDING PLANNER to be published January 11, 2005.


On the IGMC website you are able to download a copy of BANKER BRIDE, a wedding budgeting spread sheet created by Iris Gillon with the devoted assistance of her talented Intern Paula. BANKER BRIDE will save any bride and her family a huge amount of financial blundering and will also organize and prevent errors and omissions frequently made by the novice wedding planner. BANKER BRIDE is a MUST HAVE WEDDING PLANNING TOOL!


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If you are up late at night and watching TV, you might see a movie go by and notice that the music was written and recorded by Iris Gillon. Soon, after January of 2005, if you are up late at night on TV you might see an infomercial advertising Astar’s Healing SLEEPTAPES. Those are hypnotic self help recordings written, composed and produced by Iris in her home recording studio in the effort to help herself and others around the world to be more peaceful, happy, healthy, loving, free and joyous.



NYC Entertainment Reception Bands music celebrations, Reception Bands for NYC, event planning, party planning.


Please call us ASAP to set up an appointment to sit in one of our music video listening rooms to hear the top wedding and corporate party dance Reception Bands in NY City and surrounding cities and towns. Come in for an evening, bring in your picnic, pizza and beverages, friends and family and sit on luxurious couches in a warm living room environment and listen to all of the top independent Reception Bands and orchestras to be found in this side of the country. NYC Reception Bands. Iris Gillon is a former professional concert pianist with a Masters Degree in Music from the Juilliard School of Music and she or one of her assistant Music Managers will assist you in hand picking the perfect musical group for your tastes, crowd and dreams.

IGMC provides Reception Bands for parties and events in NYC. In NYC, Reception Bands can be provided by Iris Gillon of IGMC. Reception Bands NYC. NYC events can include Reception Bands, provided by Iris Gillon, founder of IGMC. If you are in NYC and require a band for your corporate event, you can contact Iris Gillon, she will provide you with the Reception Bands you require. Iris Gillon is a professional at offering service to find the perfect band in NYC.

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