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Iris Gillon IGMC EVENTS!

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Our Mission

is to humbly serve and inspire everyone we touch, through sincere caring, dedication to quality, and a strong code of ethics.


The right entertainment is crucial to the success of your event! IGMC has the largest and most comprehensive library of Reception Bands, orchestras and performers to be found on the East Coast. An IGMC consultant will make a presentation to you with videos, tapes and live shows.
Remember to ask to see their most famous Reception Bands: RESPEKT, ATTITUDE, ONE NATION, SOUL MOTION, NYC ORCHESTRA, PRAYER, SOUL SOUND REVUE, SOUL SENSATION and more!


Pick up the phone and call Iris ASAP at 212-245-3059 to hook up with some serious musical entertainment for your party!

VIDEO CONSULTING: Iris or one of her associates will help you select your band, orchestra or musical ensembles from a selection of videos, tapes and live shows.

LIVE SHOWS: You can attend live shows, private rehearsals and more!

Click HERE to see THE VIDEOS OF IGMC Reception Bands

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